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The Key to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 2024: Specific, Relevant and Short.

Updated: Jan 15

New small businesses looking to take you out of business are starting every single day. With new, fresh and exciting products or services - how can you compete?

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Content is going to play a huge part in your marketing strategy for 2024. If you've just thrown up your website onto Google and expect to maintain your level of traffic - you're mistaken. With new SEO best practices, Google is becoming more and more specific with who it decides to rank on its first page.

With that in mind, it's important to recognise that you need some content. And we don't mean you need to start getting onto TikTok and doing viral dances. Because, that's not everyone's cup of tea.

But in a world where users need to see 3-5 pieces of content from you before making a purchase decision, you need to be at the top of your game.

What are the content strategy trends in 2024?

There are a whole range of B2B Marketing and B2C content strategies that you could employ for this new year. But it's time you considered some of the big timers:

  1. Data-Led Content

  2. Influencer Marketing

  3. Linkedin Marketing

  4. Short-Form Content

  5. Niche & Specific Content

Data-led content is a specific type of marketing in which all of your content efforts are guided by data analytics. Too many businesses are throwing out content for the sake of it without taking a moment to consider their audience.

Data matters.

That means, you need to head to Google Keyword Planner and see what is trending. Be proactive and think about future trends and tailor your content towards it.

Remember, pretty much all social media platforms and Google itself have some sort of SEO - some more specific than others. That means you need to be producing content towards what people are searching. And if you're tailoring towards a specific audience, then Google and Social Media Platforms will reward you for it.

Influencer Marketing

From Love Island to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, the world is completely in awe of the people that are in front of their TV's every single day. The influencer market is worth 21.1 billion dollars.

With tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, influencers have the trust of their most loyal followers. They start recommending products or services and you'll see that brands revenue sky rocket.

Need some examples:

  1. Topicals sent out 18 diverse influencers onto a brand trip. The influencers didn't particularly take product photos or brand posts - but uploaded Instagram stories and TikTok's all about the trip.

  2. Gymshark partner with loads of top YouTubers, including Saffron Barker, Nikki Blackketter and many more.

  3. Sky endorse Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes and are continually being shouted out across their multiple social platforms.

Whilst these companies have big budgets and can afford the biggest stars, there are many local influencers floating about on Instagram, TikTok and many more social media platforms.

All you need to do is find someone within your niche and send them a DM.

Check out this video by Shopify to learn more about Influencer Marketing.

Linkedin Marketing

What used to be considered a 'Business-Only' and serious platform has changed over the years. Whilst it remains a business focussed platform, the B2B opportunities are scattered all over the platform.

Connect with local businesses, share your personal brand stories and grow a community of like-minded professionals. LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms for B2B lead generation and whilst building good client relationships is difficult, LinkedIn makes it easier.

Want to read more about leveraging LinkedIn content marketing for B2B lead generation and sales? Click here.

Short-Form Content Must Be In Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2024

TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts have captured the hearts of each generations declining attention span.

That means if you're tailoring any of your products or services to a younger generation then you have about 8 seconds to do so. It's the perfect amount of time for short-form content.

Let's be honest, with declining attention spans, long-form articles are becoming less of a focus. People want quick fire information before moving on.

That doesn't mean that long-form content doesn't have a place - because it seriously does. Every short piece of content should really be linking to a longer piece of content that people can delve into should they be interested. It's the next step within the marketing funnel.

But that being said, 2.4 billion active Instagram accounts, 1 billion TikTok accounts and 2.7 billion YouTube accounts - all of which are starting to prioritise short-form content in their algorithms. You need to play into the platforms strategy. That means adopting a short-form content plan that grabs the attention of your demographic within those 8 seconds.

Niche & Specific Content

When you are in search of an answer to a question, you don't want to have to swim through an array of waffle-like obstacles.

You want the answer. Plain and simple. Without the giant metaphors.

As Google continues to progress, it wants it's content to be specific. Nothing general, outdated and content that doesn't answer the public's interest. Remember, Google makes more money the longer it's users are on it's platform. Therefore, it's going to prioritise those people who are producing specific content that have specific answers.

What will be predicted in 2024 for B2B marketing?

B2B marketing is moving towards authenticity as a driving force within its practice. Over the years, companies and agencies have been pushing out as much content as possible in the hope that something takes off in the algorithm.

Check out what Exposure Ninja say about B2B Marketing for 2024 here!

But that's starting to change.

It's no longer about who is producing the most content. It's who is producing the most valued content and can be seen as a trustworthy source.

So, in 2024 how can your company be seen as trustworthy?

  1. Up-to-date content and information with links to various sources to back up opinions and findings.

  2. Transparency - be honest with your customers. If you make a mistake - let them know your going to fix it. If you want to improve your service, let them know. Don't hide or seek to bend the truth with your audience. Because that will ruin your reputation.

  3. Be Unique - stop trying to copy what people in your industry are starting to do. Create your own unique style and spin on things. It is what will draw people to your brand - the way that you do things differently, and content that that they can't get from anywhere else.

  4. Be a part of the community - some of the biggest brands have got to the top simply by listening to their audience. After all, they are your biggest fans and supporters. Interact with them, talk to them and most importantly, listen to their needs. If they feel that you're hearing their struggles, they're going to keep coming back to you.

  5. Answer their questions - by creating content that actually helps your audience rather than your bottom-line, the customers are going to keep coming back for more.

Does content marketing have a future?

To help build trust within your brand, you need to be producing content that is actually beneficial for your customers and helps eliminate obstacles in their lives - oh, and for FREE.

By continually helping them, you're building up that trust.

Think of your friendship circle or colleagues. Those who are always there to help you are the people you keep going back to and know that you can trust. The same works in B2B and B2C sales. Build trust --> increase sales.

A Brief B2B Content Marketing Wrap Up

That's it from us here at ETDC Digital Media. Our 2024 New Years Resolution is to create content that is helpful towards the small businesses that we work with in sport and other industries.

So, for those of you still here. Start thinking about your content marketing plan for next year. Make sure it is relatable, up-to-date and answers your customers queries without comprimising on quality. Produce those videos that grab attention and link them to longer more specific articles.

Then let us know how you got on!

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